The Mevlıd Or Natıvıty Poem By Süleyman Çelebi


  • Syed Tanvir Wasti * Professor Emeritus, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey


Mevlid, mawlid, Suleman Celebi, Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), poetic panegyrics


The article presents the Mevlid (from the Arabic mawlid), poetic panegyrics addressed to Holy Prophet Muhammad (on whom be peace and blessings) by Suleyman Celebi. Over the centuries, mevlids and other compositions in praise off the Holy Prophet have continued to be produced in languages as diverse as Turkish, Urdu and Malay and have become established as a separate genre in the religious literature and languages of the ummah. The author of the Mevlid was born around 1350 A.D., and received and excellent education. Its one of verses gives the date of its completion as the year 812 Hijri which equivalent to 1409 A.D. The Mavlid is considered in Turkish the foremost Islamic Nativity Poem. TheMevlid has become such as organic part of the spiritual constitution of the Turks that parts of it are recited at births, deaths, weddings, religious festivals and even other occasions like the departures, from their homes, of groups newly-conscripted soldiers to join their regiments.


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