گنجینۂ معنی کا طلسم: رنگا رنگ معنویت کی دریافت


  • رشید حسن خان


Counting of Ghalib's poetry, Discovering various shades of meaning, Ghalib, Poetry, Poetry corrections, Word counting


The article counts the words used by Ghalib in his poetry in order to mention several shades of meaning created through single, pair words and beyond. The article mentions that the poet used the words Jalwah in his poetry 139 times; 21 times as a single word and 118 as a compound. It also reveals the works based on which the word-counting process done and the article writer has discussed 20 couplets of Ghalib wrongly quoted in various known works of the poet. Orthography is another interesting aspect of the article which is worth reading and quoting as well. The article also clarifies what has been included and excluded in terms of words and his poetic works. For example, Qadirnama has not been added in the word-counting but its two ghazals included in it are counted.


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