‘New Beginning’: As a Pseudo-Concept in Shakespearean Art


  • Shahab Yar Khan Associate Professor, PhD, at University Sarajevo


New beginning in Shakespearean concept, fake changes in our social, educational and political systems


This article aim at highlight Shakespearean concept of ‘new beginning’ which is rooted in the deep sense of remorse. All, that ‘happens’, appears in his works as continuum of existing set of sequences without much to mark the change that could describe an ‘ending’ or a ‘beginning’. Changes of regime, regicides, battles and court conspiracies cause the fake change in political structure of Shakespearean drama. Those fake changes are exactly the same kind of shuffling that we experience in our social, educational and political systems around the world. Rise and fall of particular individuals and political parties play no role in redefining the fundamentals of human nature. Pompousness, selfishness, egocentricity, cruelty, greed and ignorance, change names and faces; the bearers of the ‘virtues’ change, ‘virtues’ remain the same. With clear intent to expose the meaninglessness of the concept of ‘change’ and thus the concept of ‘new beginning’ without change in the essence of one’s being, Shakespeare draws line of distinction between the agents of status quo and the forces that fight for renewal of true human values.


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