The Administration of Colonel Minchin: A New Era of Development and Prosperity for the Bahawalpur State


  • Muhammad Suhaib Khan PhD Scholar, the Department of History, the Islamic University of Bhawalpur


Colonel Minchin, princely state of Bahawalpur, East India Company


This article shares the contributions of historic figure Colonel Minchin for the princely state of Bahawalpur emerged in the declining years of the Mughal Empire. He was deputed as assistant in 1866 to look after the affairs of the Bahawalpur state after the demise of Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan IV. Colonel Minchin appointed European officers in various departments. He in fact brought revolutionary changes in Bahawalpur. Later on his juniors and successors followed his line and adopted his style of administration. The Bahawalpur state had strong ties with British East India Company since 1833. The rulers of the state tried best to keep the British pleased for the safety of their country. The Bahawalpur army fought beside the British in the Afghan war, Multan war and also helped them during war of independence 1857. The British on the other hand paid great attention to their loyal ally and did not allow the enemies to enter the boundaries of Bahawalpur.


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