Assessment of Urdu Babarnamas by Uzbak Researcher


  • Hasan Beg Fellow of Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland


Babarnama, Turki original work, Urdu translations of Babarnama, Uzbek translation


This brief article shares comments on the research work of PhD about the Urdu translations of  Babarnama and their comparisons with its original Turki language manuscript. The article points out many mistakes which is not supposed to come from a PhD research work. It is rightly pointed out that the research scholar should have chosen the original work of Babarnama edited by Khujista Sultana Begum in 1924 to carry out the comparison with the its Turki language manuscript. Contrary to this, the scholar chose an Urdu translation done by Naseeruddin Haider which was edited by Ubaidullah Qudsi. The base translation for the research work does not contain the introduction and notes by Khujista Sultana Begum. Moreover, its abstract in English language has many grammar and syntax mistakes to avoid. The selection of Uzbek translation of Babarnama is not the right choice as it differs from the original work of Turki.


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